Integrating Self Compassion into Psychotherapy: using self-compassion and parts work for developing secure attachment in clients

Thank you for your interest in our class! This live online class is for therapists and healing professionals who have studied Mindful Self Compassion or Inner Relationship Focusing.

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We will learn how to use practical techniques from both Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) and Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) to teach clients the skills they need to develop their own inner secure based caregiver.

The self compassion practices allow clients to tap into their natural human attachment mechanisms and the focusing methods teach them to turn toward their inner parts, feelings, and experiences with care and understanding, so they can get unstuck and move forward.

Taught by Tricia Stern, LCSW, MPH and Teresa Keller


Tricia Stern LCSW, MPH is a psychotherapist, trained MSC teacher, and a certified Inner Relationship Focusing Professional. She has decades of experience helping her clients develop their own inner secure based caregiver.

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Teresa Keller is a certified Integral Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She is trained in Inner Relationship Focusing and uses the methods in this class to help clients experience more freedom and ease. 

Course includes:

  • Science-based theory that works!

  • Engaging experiential exercises

  • Practical techniques to use with clients

  • Tools to experience more ease and fulfillment in your practice

  • Time to discuss your own client cases



Are you experiencing any of these common challenges?

  • The pressure of feeling like you need to solve a client’s problems yourself

  • Burnout from attempting to be a secure based caregiver to all of your clients

  • Feeling powerless to help a client change an entrenched pattern or unhealthy behavior

  • Clients who are stuck in story and repeat the same things without moving forward

  • Struggling to help clients to deal with harsh inner critics or deep shame

  • Client dependency if you act as their secure base rather than helping them build skills to develop a secure base in themselves

Enjoy more ease and fulfillment in your work with clients, using powerful techniques that will help you: 

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  • Teach clients to self-regulate by utilizing existing biological mechanisms

  • Help clients have an actual experience of their own compassion 

  •  Support clients in facing inner experiences at a safe pace

  • See clients begin to change perspective from the one who is helplessly
    suffering to the one who can meet that suffering and take action


  • Direct a somatic experience in clients that uncovers inner wisdom and next right steps

  • Help clients build emotional resiliency

  • Tap into a powerful neurological process that can erase or update negative emotional learning


6 Sundays ~ via Zoom

October 17th - November 21st

12pm – 2pm Eastern Time

Session #1: Helping Clients Regulate

• How we regulate through the attachment system • Helping clients develop their own inner secure based caregiver to be with emotions and experiences • Understanding Mindful Self Compassion as attachment regulation strategies • Applying the three components of MSC for clients with different attachment styles

Session #2: Working with Emotions

• Helping clients see emotions as signposts • Becoming unmerged from feelings • Using “Something in me(you)/part of me(you)” language and helping clients adopt that language • Understanding underlying needs and how to communicate them

Session #3: Understanding Parts

• We all have protective parts • Implicit memory and adaptive attachment strategies-how parts come to be • Better understanding parts and not trying to make them go away • Helping clients with ‘laddering’— discovering what parts are worried about or not wanting to happen

Session #4: Positive Neuroplasticity

• Counteracting the negativity bias and how that differs from ‘toxic positivity’ • How the memory reconsolidation process makes changes in deep emotional learning possible • The elements that are required to open the window of reconsolidation • Exercises clients can do during the window of reconsolidation for more impact

Session #5: Working with Clients in Challenging Situations

• What to do when parts are in conflict • Working with an inner critic • When clients have addictive or entrenched behavior • Approaches for severe anxiety or depression

Session #6: Finding Inner Visionaries

• After knowing what is not wanted, finding out what parts do want • Using the ‘wanting process’ to help clients discover deeper wants • Working with clients to find ways to give themselves what is wanted • Finding ways for clients to take with them what is wanted after the session

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